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E-book is direct beschikbaar na aankoop E-books lezen is voordelig Dag en nacht klantenservice Veilig betalen. Anderen bekeken ook. John Flynn Mierla Domesticita 0, Tagore Gitanjali 1, Wendell Berry Given 13, John Putnam Demos Entertaining Satan 15, Bekijk de hele lijst. Liefhebbers van Lewis Putnam Turco bekeken ook. Stel een vraag. At a time of intense religious belief, such accusations were treated by their targets as insults and lies.

Indeed, they were sometimes cited as evidence of Satan's dominion over their accusers! But the slow retreat of religion from public life has allowed the Devil to emerge as an attractive symbol of rebellion, while at the same time preserving his elasticity. He can appeal to rebels of all kinds against authorities and orthodoxies of any flavour. My third answer is based on another traditional attribute of the Devil. He is not only the enemy of goodness but also the punisher of sinners. In popular versions of this idea, Satan has frequently appeared as the scourge of obviously antisocial wrongdoers: murderers, thieves, and villains of all kinds.

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In English popular literature, for instance, Satan has often turned up to expose and punish criminals. In this role it is easy to imagine him - mistakenly in the view of orthodox demonology - as the defender of the innocent. The fourth reason why I think the Devil is oddly alluring derives from another of his traditional roles: as a spirit of temptation.

Recent scholarship has shown that Satan's activity as a tempter became especially prominent during the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In this capacity he pursued a twofold strategy: he attacked the mind with "false religion" and the body with immoderate desires. Both were believed to be seductive and deadly. Subsequently, Satan became a metaphor for the enticing and destructive tendencies to which men and women are prey.

The Satan's Scourge - The Satan's Scourge ++ LP

As the threat of supposedly "false religion" diminished, the apparent dangers of the flesh remained potent. And as the supreme symbol of these seductive impulses, the Devil retained something of his fatal appeal. They remain unrepentant even at the glorious appearing of Christ in judgment and will seek death by horrendous natural disaster as preferable to facing the wrath of the coming Lamb. This is a forecast of what John shows us in and This summary in chapter 6 is expanded in various parts in following chapters.


Chapter 7 gives a picture of the certainty with which God will protect his people in the midst of these events in this fallen and hostile world. The , represent, as do the 24 elders, all the redeemed of all ages, composing the true Israel of God Galatians ; Romans , They indeed are those given to the Son by the Father in the eternal covenant of redemption John Even before the events that set this world in a fallen condition with all the accompanying sorrows just described in the previous chapter, God has sealed his own and determined that they shall endure and manifest in the end his glory ; Jesus will lose none of those that the Father has given him, but according to his own prayer, they will be kept from the evil one John , 15 People of all tongues and tribes and nations are seen, in a vision hearkening back to the feast of booths, waving palm branches and praising God and the Lamb for eternal salvation.

Like Israel in the wilderness, the Lord has provided for the saints in the wilderness of this world and preserves them for his own. All heaven joins the chorus of praise. In contrast to the worldly powers who shrink in terror from the Lamb, the saints welcome this sight with great satisfaction and joy; he does not condemn them but leads them with tenderness and eliminates from their experience everything that would cause sorrow and distress. Living in this world away from the Savior, hearing his name blasphemed, his gospel ridiculed, and seeing, either remotely or deeply personally, his people oppressed and sometimes slaughtered has been the great tribulation.


Chapter 8 sets the context for the text under consideration this week. This lesson falls within the process of opening the contents of the seventh seal of the scroll. The seventh seal, opened at the top of chapter 8, contains foundationally seven angels blowing seven trumpets. The image of censer with incense and fire from the altar comes from Numbers , where Aaron was commanded to fill his censer with incense as well as fire from the altar and take it among the people to stay the plague that had broken out due to their rebellion.

It pictures not only the presence of anger and judgment from God but the healing and preserving power of covenantal provision from the altar. As in , Sinaitic manifestations emphasize these plagues and the preservation as righteous judgments flowing from divine law. Chapter 9. The first woe is connected most potently with the operation of Satan.

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The second woe comes from the peculiar providence and purpose of God The third woe, ironically, consists of the complete victory of Christ and is set forth in a vision of victory similar to that that capped off the opening of the first six seals How should we view this fifth trumpet, which is the first woe? This happens in accordance with the eternal decree of God to glorify his Son through his redemptive work. We are in the middle of the opening of the seventh seal, all under the authority of the Lamb and to demonstrate his glory, and this woe is introduced by an angel blowing a trumpet.

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Verse 1b — This first woe begins with the fall of Satan from heaven.