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A Story Of A Nice Girl!

Watched Aug 09 , Full disclosure: We read the book together and loved it, and we've been rooting for author Sara Zarr since before the book was published and became a National Book Award finalist. So, yeah So far, I recognize moments from the book here and there it's been 13 years , and the revisions seem to be honoring the heart of the story.

The performances range from "fine" to "compelling," with Kevin Bacon, Sosie Bacon, and Caroline Cave currently stealing the show. The cast kept me going. But events that felt true-to-life and absorbing in the experience of reading the book never quite drew me in here. I'm sure that's part of it.

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Reading both books, I inhabit the main characters' points of view. I experience things through their eyes and ears. They are lenses more than subjects.

So, when dramatic events happen in the film of Silence , I am watching and responding to Andrew Garfield's performance, seeing him embody his character's reactions to things, rather than experiencing them myself as if I am invited into his experience. And when I watch Story of a Girl , I am looking at Deanna reacting to things instead of looking through her in the immediacy of her experience.

I believe that my journey has only just started and my ambition continues to grow from day to day.

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‎‘Story of a Girl’ review by Jeffrey Overstreet • Letterboxd

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