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  2. Giuseppe Verdi : 10 (little) things you (perhaps) do not know about the famous opera composer
  3. Verdi's La traviata: Falling for the fallen women
  4. Giuseppe Verdi : 10 (little) things you (perhaps) do not know about the famous opera composer

Staged at the Teatro Dell'Opera , the Italian master set the opera's star, Violetta, in his sights, designing four dresses for soprano Francesca Dotto. Read: The most exotic fashion shows ever staged. I had this big chance to dress the most important women in the world Jackie [Kennedy], movie stars, royal people, and now sopranos. A triumphant return. The pair worked on the costumes for all the other characters -- some outfits -- bringing the three designers together for the first time in nearly 10 years.

One of the jury members even went so far as to qualify Verdi's potential as "mediocre" True, at 18 years old Verdi was already over the candidate age limit, and he came from a foreign province one must not forget that in Italy was not yet unified , but he came from a town where none doubted his exceptional musical talents. Verdi would never forgive the Milanese conservatoire for this painful rejection. Despite this setback, it was out of the question for Verdi to give up his musical ambitions. He became the student of the professor Vincenzo Lavigna , and began gradually making a reputation for himself within the Milanese musical circle, though nothing more than a reputation would come of this Difficult years indeed for the young Verdi, whose sole income came from the financial support of his patrons and benefactors.

He eventually married in the daughter of one of his benefactors, Margherita Barezzi , and fathered two children with her before even turning Difficult times lay ahead for Verdi, in particular filled with grief It was with moderate relief, therefore, that the grief-stricken Verdi learned of the success of his third opera Nabucco. First performed in at Milan's La Scala , the opera is nothing short of revolutionary, placing Verdi firmly alongside the most respected Italian maestri.


In Nabucco , whose famous chorus of Hebrew slaves Va, Pensiero is a firm staple of Italian culture, the on-stage intrigue is not that of the passions of the soul: it is also political. The words freedom and homeland feature heavily in the libretto. At a time rife with political trouble, Verdi's opera was not without reference to the political demands of the Italian people Following the success of Nabucco , nothing is capable of stopping Verdi's creative genius.

And though these works were immensely popular, their catchy melodies sung all over the country by the masses, it was their subject that caught above all else the public's attention, politically charged and dealing with social topics in an Italy where opera was the principal art-form and where each town had its own opera theatre. Verdi never sought to hide his patriotism, nor his support of the unification of Italy.

He chose his libretti specifically to echo his own ideals. Sacro un patto stringe i figli suoi!

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Long live Italy! A sacred pact unites its children! It was necessary for those who worked with Verdi to expect fierce negotiations Similarly, having received a contract from the latter, he wrote: " I see several questionable issues, [ It is worth noting that Verdi never held theater directors and music editors close to heart.

Giuseppe Verdi : 10 (little) things you (perhaps) do not know about the famous opera composer

His quarrels in particualr with La Scala and la Fenice were frequent and notorious. The composer wished to control every aspect of his productions and did not tolerate any alteration regarding his work, in the score or the libretto. However, the composer's operas were increasinly performed over and over all throughout the country, and even abroad.

It was not uncommon that the performers, conductors or artistic directors added their own "personal touches" to the original work: some removed specific airs, others modified texts from the libretto Verdi was outraged, claiming it disrespectful of his work, and would on occasion travel so far as Saint-Petersburg to ensure the correct and faithful performance of his work. Soon after Violetta enters the room on the arm of her former lover, Baron Douphol. At the gambling table Alfredo provokes not only the Baron but also Violetta with his remarks. After the guests have sat down to dinner, Alfredo is able to speak with Violetta alone.

She pretends to be in love with the Baron and implores Alfredo to leave at once, as she is afraid he might lose his life in a duel with Douphol. In a state of extreme agitation Alfredo summons the guests.

Verdi's La traviata: Falling for the fallen women

In front of the assembled people he throws the money he has won at Violetta's feet. Alfredo's father enters at this moment and rebukes his son for his lack of self-control. The emotional upheaval has drained Violetta. Rejected by the others, she slowly leaves the room. Scene Four Some time later.

Giuseppe Verdi : 10 (little) things you (perhaps) do not know about the famous opera composer

Besides her deteriorating health Violetta is now financially ruined. Doctor Grenvil consoles the dying woman. In a letterfrom Giorgio Germont,Violetta learns that there has been a duel between Alfredo and Douphol. Germont announces furthermore that his son will be arriving.

Violetta feels that death is imminent. Outside a carnival procession passes by. Annina prepares Violetta to meet Alfredo who has returned.

The lovers embrace passionately. Alfredo pleads with Violetta for forgiveness. Violetta experiences one last surge of life, then succumbs. Doctor Grenvil and Giorgio Germont find a dying woman. Stand: July pm — pm Nationaltheater Duration est. Go to page about. Marco Armiliato.